The Big Itch Club
Compilation 7"
Catalog Number BR-67

We have a new single!! Aaaaand it wouldn't be Bachelor Recording Co. if this wouldn't be something really special of course! There is a music club at Thomas House, Dublin, Ireland every now and then, its called THE BIG ITCH CLUB. Its not your usual hipster party (but you can spot a lot of hipster of course), nope, its just a small dive where low-lifes and half-wits like you and me go to drink away their sorrow and mebbe dance stupid to crazy and wylde music, both live and from the record players... you know the deal, simple basic music for simple basic people.

To celebrate this amazing concept, we, that is BIG ITCH CLUB head honcho Luke, and me boss, that is The Gimp of course, do a mighty fine 7" single!

This singles ist strictly limited to 500 copies, have of them, that is 250 copies, will be sold at the show (or later by the bands on tour), the rest is available here. And you bet they are gone soon!

Who's onnit you ask, well, thats easy, its the three bands that play there on Saturday November 16th.

THE #1s
Long-lost band from the golden age of 70s power pop? Protex with Exploding Hearts?
(Alien Snatch / Sorry State / Art For Blind)

September Girls
Dublin-based five piece playing fuzzy and reverb soaked garage pop with heaps of harmonies.
(Fortuna Pop!, Haus of Pins, Soft Power, Matinee, Art For Blind)

Faux Kings
Rauchy wrestling surf rocanrol (TM)!
(no one wanted to release them until now!)

Track Listing

1. The #1s - 16
2. The #1s - Tell Me Why

1. September Girls - Gay Bar
2. Faux Kings - Luchadora

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