Tightrope LP/CD

Formed in Belfast in 1978, Protex were early pioneers of the Belfast Punk Movement. Signed to the now legendary Good Vibrations label, their debut release received great reviews and enjoyed widespread airplay on BBC Radio 1. They quickly came to the attention of Rough Trade Records, who released Don’t Ring Me Up to wide acclaim. This in turn led to the band signing for Polydor Records, who released the singles I Can’t Cope, followed by I Can Only Dream. The 1980s saw the band take to the road with the Boomtown Rats as well as embark on two extensive tours of their own throughout the US and Canada. An album was recorded with legendary producer Chas Chandler, who’d worked with, among others, Hendrix, The Animals and Slade. However, the band weren’t happy with the result and after a final release, A Place in Your Heart, the band and label parted ways, Protex splitting soon after.

Fast forward to 2010, when New York’s Sing Sing Records located the Polydor recordings and released Strange Obsessions on vinyl, igniting renewed interest in the band. Founders Aidan Murtagh and Dave McMaster reformed the band and shows followed in Ireland, Spain and Japan.

2014 saw Protex play across the UK, including London’s famous 100 Club, before being invited to play at Hotel Vegas in Austin, Texas as part of the South By South West festival. The two shows sold out and European dates followed later in the year. 2015 saw the band return to SXSW, this time via sold out shows in New York and New Jersey. They also played in Italy and Sweden later in 2015 before taking time out from live work to write and record a new studio album.

The band were due to return to SXSW in March 2016 as part of a tour which would also see them play in New York, Atlanta and Philadephia. They have already been invited back to the USA in March 2017 and will also have more European dates planned later this year. We, that is Bachelor Records, are VERY proud to have them on board with this full lenght release, fans worldwide are waiting for this for quite some time - now its ready to be unleashed!

Side A
Waiting for the Sign
Because of You
On the Wire
Even if I Wanted To
Without You

Side B
Fool in my Mind
Stay Out of My Dreams
Shinging Star

The Teamsters
Sharp Suited S.O.A.G. 7"

The Teamsters haven't released anything since September 2014, with the exception of a demo on a compilation tape released over in Chicago. Their line-up of drummers changed drastically over the last 18 months, with the likes of Bruce Brand stepping in before leaving in March of this year. That's not to say that the group haven't been recording and writing profusely, they never stop in fact. They declare that they enough for 2 LPs, but their refusal to compromise on the sound they strive for has left them re-recording and mixing dozens of tracks. Intent on making a truly great record. In the meantime they were happy enough to release a couple of tracks for a single on Bachelor Records. The songs are co written by the bands guitarist and bass player Tom and Dan, and we were happy enough to put them out. It marks a departure from their earlier ramshackle days as a trash punk outfit and into the finer details. 'Sharp Suited S.O.A.G' is a mocking portrayal on a man who focuses his life on clothes, where money is no object. The B side 'Why Do You Wanna Do That?' is your standard song of heartbreak, nothing much to elaborate on there, but its new and its exciting. This release is limited to 500 copies, housed in a cardboard disco sleeve (two holes). Artwork done by Tom H. Wing.

Side A
Sharp Suited S.O.A.G.

Side B
Why You Wanna Do That

Thee MVPs
ELH +3 7"

We are very proud that this incredibly good garage punk band from England wanted to release a single on our tiny imprint. This year has been a very busy one for THEE MVPs. After a whole month in the van touring coast to coast across America, including stopping off for no less than 16 shows at SXSW with the likes of Meatbodies, Dead Meadow and Night Beats then taking a plane to another van to tour the UK with Pulled Apart By Horses and TIGERCUB. Thee MVPs refuse to take the foot off the pedal and have a this new 45 coming out with Bachelor Records!

Side A
Big Pussy

Side B
Lie Detector
Neat Neat Neat

The Holy Teachings of Rock n Roll LP

Switzerlands hottest scheisse right now! After 2.5 singles and a brilliant 10" we are more than happy / proud to let you know that the Bachelor Record Company is putting out the debut album of SHADY AND THE VAMP.
Buckle up and prepare for a twelve song rollercoaster ride into garage punk / rocanrol (TM) madness!!!

Side A
1. My Baby Can't Take It
2. Shattered Dreams
3. Let Me Be
4. Born Touloose
5. Fool
6. You're So Loud
Side B
1. You're Not To Blame (The Horst Song)
2. Down At Joe's Best Power Food
3. Sex Drive
4. Fuck All Haters
5. Black Out
6. Get Wild

Miss Chain and the Broken Heels
Uh Uh 7"

It’s been quiet for some time for MISS CHAIN ND THE BROKEN HEELS, the extensive touring after their second album (The Dawn, released by Burger, Bachelor and Tre Accordi), band members went their own way to persue solo careers, starting a booking agency, buidling a studio, and just taking a breath, italian style. After few months things started to get together again, they did some shows in the spring of 2016 and baboom: Here is their new classic two song single, fresh and new, as if there hasnt been some kind of hiatus. You can easily hear it exactly 1 second after you let the needle drop on the Side A track, after few chords Miss Chain and the gang ooozes a warm feeling into your head and heart! Hell, they are back, with all the goodtime melodies enriched with their typical melancholy vibe. While the first track is a classic uptempo powerpop tune, the flipside presents a slower hipshaker, and although the velocity has been taken out this one is still a fine, mellow mood maker that leaves you hungry for more!

Side A
Uh Uh
Side B
Standing the night

Chrome Reverse
You say you love me 7"

This is the latest slab of vinyl from the royal family of french punk rock, and it is no wonder this is a HIT record! We are talking about grade A+ material . This is the second blast of this 90ties punk meets 50ties rocknroll styled band called CHROME REVERSE. After their self released debut 7" (titled "Yeah Yeah We Are...") got raving reviews all over the world, this new single is selling like hotcakes too! No wonder, the personell included here gained reputation with several other bands through out the last decades... You want some names? Here we go.... THE NO-TALENTS, LiLi Z. LES TERRIBLES, LOUD MUFFLERS, THE SPLASH 4, VOLT, OPERATION S, LES TECKELS, pfew.... maybe some more....

Side A
1. You Say You Love Me
2. Nameless

Side B
1. Sinner not a Saint

The Courettes
Boom! Dynamite! 7"

Whaaaauw! The Courettes is thee new garage rock duo from Brazil and Denmark. It's savage! It's dynamic! A blast of Jungle wildness & Scandinavian rock 'n' roll! 'Riot grrrl in the garage' Flavia Couri will blow off your mind with atomic fuzz guitars and screaming raw vocals, and 'Beat! Beat! Beat! man' Martin Couri will make you s-s-shake with his loud as hell drumming! Their first album, produced by Kim Kix of PowerSolo, was released by German label Sounds of Subterrania, and not surprisingly it was sold out in few weeks!

This classic 7” single is their second release. Two songs, both killer garage punk tunes with fuzz guitar and driving drums! Recorded, produced and mixed by legendary garage punk legend Liam Watson at Toe Rag Studios, mastered by Wolfgang Hazelwood. Go check them out before they fly throughout the world... and the galaxy!

Side A
1. Boom! Dynamite!

Side B
1. T-C-H-A-U

The Ar-Kaics
s/t LP

Richmond, Virginia’s The Ar-Kaics play a naïve brand of punk music in the tradition of American Teen Beat and amateur garage circa 1965 – or '66, at the latest. Ask a band member, however, and they’re quick to describe the sound as "a wild ass ride." On this self-titled debut LP they’ve traversed the muck and climbed out of the ooze, to walk pointedly upright on their own eight feet. Like all the dilettante Stones and Jr. Beatles before them, hammering away on department store instruments in their parents’ garage, The Ar-Kaics are one with their inner troglodyte child (hear: BACK FROM THE GRAVE, PEBBLES, TEENAGE SHUTDOWN et al. comps), showcasing a wealth of irresistibly simple hooks, fuzzy strut and primal swagger. Lucky for you this sound is NOW!!!!
After a slew of singles on labels like NORTON, MARKET SQUARE, STEADY SOUNDS, The Ar-Kaics offer us a proper album's worth of thirteen A-Side originals; snottier (“No, No, No”); lonelier (“This Time Tonight”); darker (“Be My Baby”); rawer (“Can’t Keep Waiting”) than any critic or casual listener could have forecast.
Recorded remotely during a weekend in the woods at Rag’s BB&R by Jeff Kane, the band had little contact with the outside world (apart from beer runs to the nearest gas station and late night screenings of Major League and Grumpy Old Men). What you get is an album in the true sense, ranging from ragers to moody ballads and back again, without a snoozer in the bunch.
R. K. Vondopolis
Roanoke, VA

This is the European pressing of the already sold-out LP on Windian Records.

Look the other way 7"

With their record collections representing the entire rock ‘n’ roll history, covering obscure country, blues, R&B, beat, punk, wave, grunge, contemporary garage and whatnot, these guys know what’s up. With a devil-may-care-attitude the band has played all over the world, and Burger Records released their first two albums on cassette and LP. And now Bachelor presents a brand new 7”!

The recordings on this classic two song 45 are a bit rougher than the ones on their latest LP. The difference is more than obvious if you listen to the song “No Hope” which is featured in a stripped down version on “I Don't Understand Them At All” but in a loud rockin' version on the B-side of this 7”... And Look the Other Way is a just a catchy smash hit single!

Better get ready. Everything they say is true!

Side A
Look the other way
Side B
No Hope

Spike & the Sweet Spots
Strange Breed LP

For the last ten years, Spike has played in Chicago’s favorite party rock band, The Yolks, and lent his pen to write many of their best songs. But at the same time was ripping it up with The Yolks, he was sometimes writing songs that did not match the high energy rock n roll songs in a typical Yolks set. And so he started his own group as a vehicle for these great songs he was writing that were too mellow for The Yolks, but too good to just let lay fallow. Such a path from garage punk to folk rock is not uncommon in rock n roll. Think of Greg Cartwright who went from The Oblivians to the Reigning Sound, or Jesse Lortz who went from The Fe Fi Fo Fums to The Dutchess And The Duke. And the results are similar for Spike and the Sweet Spots: a great folk band with a rock n roll heart that writes great, memorable songs.

Side A
1. Strange Breed
2. Pulling Us Away
3. Black & White
4. Act Like You Know Me
5. Heartbreak (Shannon & The Clams)
Side B
1. This Morning
2. When You're Dumb
3. Higher
4. Right Trough Me

The Yolks
Don't cry anymore 7"

Brand new 7” from Chicago’s self proclaimed and self crowned Kings Of Awesome, THE YOLKS!!! Side B finds The Yolks treading familiar waters, producing another one of their trademark punk rock n roll jams with “I Wanna Be Dumb”, a song that celebrates the sheer joy of being stupid while lamenting the fact that intelligence works only one way. Unfortunately, one can only get smarter, not dumber, and once you’ve learned too much, it’s too late. SUCH IS LIFE. Side A, however, marks the continuation along a newer path for The Yolks. “Don’t Cry Anymore” is a lot less Ramones or Booker T and the MGs than much of their previous output, and a lot more Ethiopians, Clarendonians, and Everly Brothers, with brothers Nathan and Spencer Johnson singing those sweet, sweet harmonies whose gentle beauty will surely lift your spirits, and maybe, just maybe, might melt your cold, dead little heart. It’s a sound that not many bands are going for nowadays, and it is already making beautiful women swoon, tough guys choke back tears, and audiences across Chicago shower The Yolks with flowers, kisses, and admiration every time they play! With this single The Yolks show once again their ability to write songs in very different styles that nonetheless always sound cohesive, for in the end they never stray far from the immortal wellspring of pure, unadulterated rock ‘n’ roll. Buy this record and see for yourself that, indeed, The Yolks truly are THE KINGS OF AWESOME!!!

Side A
Don't cry anymore
Side B
I wanna be dumb

Peach Kelli Pop
iii LP

Third album of this band, and again its a bag full of catchy and tongue-in-cheek songs inspired by video games, Chinese food and conspiracy theorists. each Kelli Pop originated when Allie Hanlon, originally a drummer, decided to try writing and recording songs in Ottawa, Canada in 2009. Hanlon started out writing not for an audience but for herself. The intimate quality of her bedroom recordings have been maintained to this day. Read more...

Side A
1. Princess Castle 1987
2. Shampoo
3. Heart Eyes
4. Bat Wing
5. Nude Beach
Side B
1. Plastic Love
2. Big Man
3. Sailor Moon
4. New Moon
5. Please Come Home

s/t LP

Punkrock from Hamburg. Loud, fast and simple = good. Take a sip of this if you dare.
Second Pressing available with printed inlay.

Side A
1. Black Rose
2. Pretty Dull
3. F.U.A.H.
4. 5$ Trick
5. Stranded
Side B
1. Nothin' For You
2. Nosebleed
3. House Horse Pig
4. Suicide Train
5. Stickmeat
6. Fight Back

Bad Weed
s/t 7"

Formed in Vienna by permateens who believe in the power of sixteeen years olds! Trying hard in squeezing out some tunes out of their shitty gear while drinking loads of beer. Somebody told me that their musick sounds like G.G. Allin and Roy Orbison in some kind of heavy petting infight while Paul Collins is having dinner with Cindy Lauper in a fancy fish restaurant. Duh!? By the way, these four punx recently got beaten up backstage by Jesse Pinkman, Snoop Lion and Lindsay Lohan during the opening ceremony of The World Bong Championships!

Side A
1. Hillside
2. U Donkey

Side B
1. Can't Stand
2. Keep On Running

Batman & Garagekid
I'm not a monkey but I like bananas too!

We don't know what happened to Robin. I guess he just got sick of Batman’s jokes. Batman found another loser, its Thee Garagekid from Monaco die Bavarie. The genre remained the same: Artpunk. Kind of.... It's a sick mixture between garagepunk and comedy. Nuff said!

Side A

Side B

UV Glaze
s/t 7"

UV GLAZE is a Berlin based fuck you, noise punk monster including members of HERPES, NOEM, JAILHOUSE FUCK and WOLFGANGS VACATION. Its hard to describe their sound and dynamics its just uncontrollable and loud, noise/gunk punk! Been a fan of 'em before they even existed!

Side A
1. Environment
2. Daily Vomit
3. Data Corpses

Side B
1. Dial 0
2. New Taste

New Swears
Junkfood forever, bedtime whatever LP

Best thing in Canada right now, and Canada’s full of brilliant bands these days. NEW SWEARS are back with their new album “Junkfood Forever, Bedtime Whenever” only about one year after the release of their debut album “Funny Isn’t Real” (Bachelor / Dirt Cult) which got raaaaving reviews all over the world. The sound of the first album was a bit crummy / lo-fi in some way, this has changed totally here, but still they ride the rollercoaster in the theme park called “Rock n Roll all night and party every day”...

Side A
1. Midnite Lovers
2. Main Stream
3. Stay Gold
4. T.V.Shows
5. Candy Land
Side B
1. Day Dreamin' Up
2. Sweet Donna
3. Cool Aid
4. She Likes It
5. Legalize Freedom
6. No Fun

Black Rose 7"

Introducing KÜKEN from Hamburg, Germany. This is their first record, a two song 45, garage punkrock without any bullshit to sidetrack you from the impact. Guitar, bass, drums, two vocal lines all the time.
Look out for their full lenght out on Bachelor early 2015 and a tour with Alien Snatch latest signing, Brain Traps.

Side A
1. Black Rose
2. House / Horse / Pig

The Parrots
Loving you is hard 7"

The Parrots is a fresh-from-college young garage-surf trio from Madrid, Spain that's causing a commotion in the garage-surf scene this year. Last year they self-released a demo EP; the video for the main track on this demo has already 32.000 views on YouTube and shows a band that knows how to have fun playing great music.

Side A
1. Loving You Is Hard

Side B
1. I'm a man

Space Raft
s/t LP

Whatever image that the name "Space Raft" might conjure up for you, just forget it. They are not specifically a psych band, or a retro glam outfit, or a blatant 70's throwback. They are, instead, a classically brilliant rock combo! Read more...


Side A
1. Never is Enough
2. Jupiter Calling
3. We're not alone
4. Evening Glow
5. Venus in Transit

Side B
1. Rescue Mission
2. Anything is Possible
3. Humboldt Reservoir Blues
4. Waves in Oscillation

Dead Ghosts
Rarities LP

The collection of songs you can find here are a mix of songs from OOP singles, outtakes, live versions unreleased stuff and covers. They have been up on the bandcamp site for a while, and by popular demand put on black vinyl, limited to 500 copies. Sleeve artwork by Cassie Ramone. Read more...

Side A
1. Cold Stare
2. Comanche
3. Blak Kat
4. 1.000 Joints
5. Bad Vibes
6. Mayday
Side B
1. Messed Up
2. Something
3. Thunderbird ESQ.
4. She Likes It
5. In the Hills
6. God Only Knows
7. Teenage Lifestyle

Dead Ghosts
Can't Get No LP

„Can‘t Get No“ made it to the top of many best of 2013 lists, sometimes even as „Album of the Year“. Bachelor Records is taking this fantastic album back in print, limited to 500 copies

Side A
1. Can't Get No
2. That Old Feeling
3. Summer with Phil
4. Cold Stare
5. I want you back
6. Roky said

Side B
1. On Your Own
2. You don't belong
3. B.A.D.
4. Tea Swamp Rumble
5. Hanging (In The Alley)
6. I Sleep Alone

Sonic Chicken 4
s/t LP

Dusty Medical Records and Bachelor Records rediscovered this „lost“ 12 song masterpiece, a garage punk gem from a looong forgotten time. Yes its true, only about 5 years ago this thing we call Garage Punk sounded a lot different! That was before this genre was washed down by hipsters, before it was cool to shake bums to primitive beats. This album is a document from a not so long-gone era. Try it… take a sip and go T-R-I-P-P-I-N-G! Read more...

Side A
1. Under Fireworks
2. Inspiration
3. El Nico
4. Airplane Girl
5. Shadows on the Back
6. Neon Lights
Side B
1. Dans L'Matin et Dans L'Soir
2. Yogi Girl with Gold
3. Love by the Riverside
4. Midnight Girl
5. Sonic Night
6. Girl From Rio

Hjärndöd 7"

We are very proud to present the MAKEOUTS first songs sung in swedish language, on a very limited 7" record housed in a brown paper sleeve. Soon after starting the Bachelor Recording Co. the MAKEOUTS sent in a demo containing four harsh early 90s styled and lo-fi garage punk songs, and we instandly fell in love with these lads and did their debut 7" in 2006. It's been nearly four years since we released the critically well acclaimed LP. They even won the swedish alternative music price in 2010.


Side A
1. Hjärndöd

Side B
1. Du är så punk

The Big Itch
Compilation 7"

We have a new single!! Aaaaand it wouldn't be Bachelor Recording Co. if this wouldn't be something really special of course! There is a music club at Thomas House, Dublin, Ireland every now and then, its called THE BIG ITCH CLUB. Its not your usual hipster party (but you can spot a lot of hipster of course), nope, its just a small dive where low-lifes and half-wits like you and me go to drink away their sorrow and mebbe dance stupid to crazy and wylde music, both live and from the record players... you know the deal, simple basic music for simple basic people.


Side A
1. The #1s - 16
2. The #1s - Tell Me Why

Side B
1. September Girls - Gay Bar
2. Faux Kings - Luchadora

Natural Child
Hard in Heaven LP

Nashville rockers Natural Child formed in the spring of 2009. Amid non-stop touring they released their debut album 1971 in 2011 on Infinity Cat Records. In 2012, the band release TWO full-length albums: „For the Love of the Game” and „Hard in Heaven”, both on Burger Records. The latter is now re-released on vinyl by the Austrian Garage Punk label Bachelor Records.


Side A
1. Laid, Paid, and Strange
2. Rock Bottom
3. What You Gonna Do
4. Hard in Heaven

Side B
1. B$G P$MP$N
2. Blind Owl Speaks
3. Low Down Blues
4. Derek’s Blues
5. Let The Good Times Roll

New Swears
Funny Isn't Real LP

Imagine MEAN JEANS partying with the BLACK LIPS! Jangly garage punk from these Ottawa party animals. The perfect soundtrack to getting drunk and jumping off the roof of a two story house into the shallow end and having to be carted off to the emergency room for a couple broken bones. Read more...

Side A
1. Jon‘s Coke
2. Good Girls
3. Pig Farm
4. Paradise
5. Cerveza

Side B
1. Rather Be Dead
2. Liquor Store
3. Burning Man
4. See you in Hull
5. Two Darts

Back To Sleep LP

In 2010, with their debut album „In a strange land!“ (also released on Bachelor Records) they won the swedish independent music award, manifest for best swedish rock album of the year. This new full lenght contains noise, chaos and beauty, inspired by lots of cool music, but without sounding either retro or like a carbon copy. Europe now got their own brilliant garage punk band, the MAKEOUTS.


Side A
1. Hamburger Hill
2. Bringin' out the Stars
3. Back To Sleep
4. Warkids
5. Futuristic Visions
6. Let it all go
Side B
1. Time will tell
2. Up
3. Plastic Bag
4. Not where you belog
5. Futuristic Visions Part II
6. Creeps
7. It wasn't my idea to dance

Miss Chain Miss Chain & the Broken Heels
Rainbow / Searchers 7"

After a successful Euro Tour as backing band of NIKKI CORVETTE, Franz and Bruno Barcella teamed up with Astrid Dante aka Miss Chain, and Disaster Silva, another Broken Heel, to record this classic two song 45 at the T.U.P Studio in Brescia, analog on tape, produced by Pierluigi Ballarin. These two songs are teasers for the upcoming full length which is planned for early 2013, along with a long tour through Europe, USA and Japan… Busy times for the Italian foursome, but they are used to it.

Well, here it is, the new MISS CHAIN & THE BROKEN HEELS single, coming in b/w plus crayons, so you can color your rainbow just like you want it to be! „Basic” art done already by Stella Santin.

Limited to 250 copies (Bachelor Version) This 7” will also be released by Dream On Records, Japan, with a different cover artwork.

[BR-62] Tracklist:
Side A - Rainbow
Side B - Searchers

Indian Wars
Songs from the North LP

Vancouver-based garage rock troublemakers unleash their second full lenght - and after the debut 7" called "If you want me" and debut LP "Walk around the Park" - the third release on Bachelor Records.
"Songs from the North" contains ten songs recorded in a one night session at Hive Studios, and resembles a very intense and also laid back collection of tracks. Order Now!

Side A
1. There & Back Again
2. Sweetheart of the North
3. Mississippi
4. Denny
5. Windshield Wiper Blues

Side B
1. Already Home
2. Wastin' Time
3. Florida
4. Pastor Phillips
5. Who Needs a Girl Like You?

(click here for more info)

Cyclops Thee Cormans / The Pacifics
split 7"


Both bands dont really deserve to be on a split 45 cause they are good enough to have their on 7 Inches, but well, another attempt for the Gimp to cash in. Now, we pressed 500 copies of this beast of a dirty surf beat platter, and we only have a limited amout of copies ready for hole-sale, so be quick and get yerself a copy, and while at it, snatch some other cool bean releases from Bachelor too. Ask for the stock list with details and I will send you one. THEE CORMANS have a ton of records out on other labels, like In The Red, Total Punk, etc. THE PACIFICS have a brilliant single out on Bachelor, we just repressed it, plus the released a full lenght on the US Label BLOOD RED.

500 Copies on amazingly black wax!
Handnumbered by yours truly! Includes a BACHELOR sticker

A1. THEE CORMANS - Big Twins Forever (click to listen)
B1. THE PACIFICS - Caveman (click to listen)

Cyclops Cyclops
Eye can't take it 7"

DO YOU LIKE DUMB FUN GARAGE PUNK!?!?!?!?! Well, then you cant go wrong with this rekurd!!! It's the Cyclops, from Cyclops Island! This is JonnyCat from THE CHEMICALS and the Portland Punk Label JONNYCAT, and Tina Lucchesi from BOBBYTEENS, TRASHWOMEN and tons of other illustrious bands... And its punk. And King Louie played guitar on some track. It will hit you in the face like a dirty and wet rag. Simple lyrics, often only one line, thats enuff!

Limited to 500 copies, handnumbered!

A1. Eye can't take it (click to listen)
A2. Eye like it cuz its cool
B1. Goblins pt.1

The Flip Tops The Flip Tops
Are Still A Band! LP

That’s right pal!! The Flip-Tops are back!! You probably wouldn’t have realized that they were always here with us because you were too busy playin with yours self! Lucky for you and everyone else these boys are still making the REAL PUNK ROCK racket while the rest of the planet has their ears clogged full of bearded indie rock douche melody and loft pop weird punk garbage that sounds like it's been recorded on some socially retarded assholes 4-track! Lucky for you the Gimp-O-Rama from BACHELOR RECORDS still gives a flying fuck about good music! You now have the opportunity to hear 11 songs of pure hatred mixed with enough sugary syrup to give you that stomach ache you always wanted!! You now have the opportunity to buy the second long awaited lp that has been years in the making from the only surviving band from the Legendary Rip Off Records roster!!! That’s right kids! The Flip-Tops are still a band!!!!!!

Side A:
1.Customer Service
2.Radiation Bomb
3.Retard Love (click to listen)
4.Enslaved Outraged
6.Hate my guts

Side B:
1.Boyfriend Street
2.Perect World
3.No Luck Nightmare
4.Lock Me Up
5.Secrets & Lies

There is a limited to 100 edition on blue transparent vinyl, available only from us or the band!

The Shirley MacLaines The Shirley Maclaines
Want You To Go 7"

Way before I started to work at BACHELOR HQ my boss already had this barely legal teenpunk sensation on his radar. I only knew them from photographs at GIMP‘s pinboard, so I was thinkin‘ „HOW CAN THESE CUTIES CRANK OUT GARAGE PUNK TUNES? THEY ARE WAYYYY TO NICE!” ... but as soon as I tried to introduce myself they made something clear as crystal: the are full of HATE. I‘ve never seen or met a group of girls that impolite, aggressive, stubborn and vitriolic. Like a truckload of PMS killer queens on a bad hair day. „Oh oh.... !” I thought. But the GIMP was right. He is always right. This bunch of misanthropists have potential! Add an phlegmatic and dipsomaniac sound wizard from Monaco di Bavarie called Albert K. Putnik - and you have a HIT RECORD! And I am more than proud to be a part of this. Signed: William D. Raynshd ("Head" of Communication, Bachelor Recording Co.)

A1. Cigarette (click to listen)
A2. Not A Love Song
A3. I Want You
B1. Better Go Now
B2. Together

Thee Makeout Party Thee Makeout Party
Jungle Cruise 7"

"These songs are from THEE MAKEOUT PARTY‘s "lost" 2nd album. Originally recorded in my garage by Patrick Haight and myself with more tracking done in a school facility in Sacramento. It was finally finished long after the band stopped playing together, in much the same way the other recordings were. With me goin‘ over unfinished songs or sloppy takes myself. Lee is unhappy with this version, I was unhappy with the old one and didn't want to abandon these songs. The tape was unfinished, unmixed and barely released. But who cares? I'm trying not to... Enjoy the songs, if you wanna hear more email me..." As you can see the cover art is b/w, and the record comes with a set of 12 crayons, so you can color the sleeve just like you want to...

A1. Jungle Cruise (click to listen)
B1. Bubblegum Song

The Choosers
Hanging Up On You 7"

They are from Japan, they love Powerpop and the know how to sing / write melodies!!! These three guys are living on the northernmost main island Hokkaido, right in Sapporo City, and they did one firecracker of a single back in 2010 on the Japanese label POP’N’ROLL with two songs, “Christine” and “I Can’t Stop”, those 500 copies sold out in a jiffy. We immediately sent out our A&R guys to Japan to persuade them to do a single on Bachelor! And here it is! A classic single with two songs, an uptempo kinda love song called “Hanging Up On You” and a tearjerker of a flipside called “In my Dream”!

Think of classic power pop bands like RASPBERRIES, 20/20 and NERVES mixed with the latest Japanese hitmakers like RAYDIOS, TREEBERRYS and GIMMIES! Yes I know, that territory is being explored much these days, but THE CHOOSERS really take it to a next level.

Stats: 500 copies housed in a thick glued cardboard sleeve.

A1. Hanging Up On You (click to listen)
B1. In My Dream

(click here for more info)

Thee Tee Pees
You're a turd 7"
HOKA HEY!!! BUDGET ROCK IN THE YEAR OF 2011!!!! THEE TEE PEES are a Farfisa-fueled rock n roll group that have reluctantly been hailed as the Garage Punk Saviors of the NEW Manifest Destiny (we're taking it back!). They rock at least as hard as the last band that tried to rock as hard as the Mummies and have been bringing their disconcertingly primitve drum beats, clumsy bass notes, ripped off guitar solos, and childish organ riffs to true rock and roll fans across the world. Thee Tee Pees feature members of the Jinxes - a band widely regarded by many as the WORST BAND IN LOS ANGELES - continue their aural assault on those willing to listen. This is their debut 45! Choke full of Farfisa-pumped rock n roll chaos! GET IT NOW OR GET SCALPED! HOKA HEY!! CLASSIC LOOK: cheeeep as shite glued paper sleeve with insert and a crappy rekurd inside! Dont tell me I didnt warn you haha!

A1. You're a turd (click to listen)
B1. Do the smog

The Pacifics
Play Favourites 7"
You may not like THE PACIFICS if you are absolutely impervious to beat music, but if you have the slightest interest in todays dance music you will soon come across this great new combo! Hailing from the reeking streets of Dublin, Ireland, these four lads will soon rise to be the next big thing in musical history. The four recordings on this vinyl record might be a bit rough for your young ears, but if you listen carefully you can surely hear their brain blistering talent. They are the most dazzling musicians of our age, their extraordinary songwriting skills are more than obvious. When playing live, they never do an encore. Why you ask? Well, first of all doing encores is for rock dinosaurs and hippie bands, secondly the crowd is already trashed... cause this music should be consumed exactly like it was recorded: with some pints of Guinness and some glasses of whiskey in your gut. I always do it this way! Burp!" Walther F. Ringelnatz, Editor, Beat Me! Magazine.

A1. You can't judge a book by looking at it's cover
A2. Lucille
B1. Baby, it's you (click to listen)
B2. I' talking about you

The Peawees
Diggin' the Sound 7"

We've been observing this band since Stardumb Records put out their "Dead End City" album in 2001. Yes, thats long time ago. Together with THE MANGES they represent the always strong italian punk rock scene. Now with five albums and a couple of singles they asked us if we could support them with putting out a tour single, and well, of course we said yeah! So here it is.... one track of their recently released "Leave it Behind" album (Wild Honey Records) and one unreleased gem...

A1. Diggin' the Sound
B1. Midnight Train

Indian Wars
Walk around the Park LP
These 5 kids from Vancouver, Canada, that will take you on an all-night-headlamps-off journey through the clearcut woods of your terminal boredom affected brains and keep driving on until the bright shining dawn of June 21, when the earth's axial tilt is most inclined towards the sun. Or, more technically, when the sun enters zero degrees of the zodiac sign Cancer, and astral solar power is amplified. One month and three weeks previous to this shortening of nights and lengthening of days, BACHELOR RECORDS will release upon the masses the bands inaugural LP, “WALK AROUND THE PARK,” (recorded by Felix Fung at Little Red Sounds). It will include 13 original tracks inscribed onto a flat black disc and housed in a sturdy gatefold sleeve depicting, among other things, a nude photo of the band.

Die Ersten Menschen
Apokalypse Now & Then LP

Long time ago, when Jacko was still alive, DIE ERSTEN MENSCHEN really got some buzz... about their off stage antics and more important - about their music. After punkrock yellow press blew up second hand info and hear-say to a look-what-they've-done campaign our three lads crawled back into their cave to record this 13 song debut record, a raw and breathtaking 60s garage monster which made us literally drool. If you have the slightest interest in series like TEENAGE SHUTDOWN or BACK FROM THE GRAVE you get crazy for this. If you love records of bands like (early) BLACK LIPS, HYPSTRZ, HENTCHMEN and such - DIE ERSTEN MENSCHEN are the thing you should ask for in your record shoppe. Their sound is a bit like before mentioned bands, just give them a blend of wylder 60s combos and plant this seed into first class Crypt Records soil from circa 1993... Don't expect this to be your ordinary BFTG copycat band dressed in hipster garment.
Mastered by none less than TIM WARREN / CRYPT himself.


Ring The Alarm 7"
Quintron, concert organist, inventor of the DRUM BUDDY (tm), nighclub owner and suave man gave us the opportunity to release two great recordings on this nice piece of vinyl. He continues his quest for perfect SWAMP TECH (tm) par-tee music, this time its not straight forward and harsh, like some of his older records on RHINESTONE, BULGE and GONER are, here he delivers two moody and danceable toe tappers full of surprises and edgy moves. Go to our old skool myspace site to test the title track! Print Run: 500 black vinyl, 100 Colored Tour Vinyl. (sold out)


Personal and the Pizzas
Raw Pie LP + pocket comb
From New Jersey, these part-time workers of a well known Pizza Joint, made it to the world press. Just for fun, the recorded a couple of singles which all became huge hits and are constantly sold out everywhere. They toured even the West Coast. They really like pizza and cheap beer. They actually do not really know how to play their instruments. They only know three bands, RAMONES, THE STOOGES and THE DICTATORS. And they know how to look handsome! So here it is, the first full lenght record from PERSONAL AND THE PIZZAS, new recordings of all their massive hits, great artwork by Ben Lyon and as if this is not enough, you also get a ABSOLUTELY FREE PERSONAL AND THE PIZZAS SIGNATURE POCKET COMB. Classy!
Click HERE for the amay-zing advertisment!

The Humms
Lemonland LP
The Humms were formed in March of 2008 by Zeke Sayer with friend Tyler Glenn in Hartwell, GA. They recorded the first songs in Zeke's studio which was (at the time) housed in a 1950's mobile home using an extension cord for power and was self-proclaimed to be haunted by the previous owner of the property who died right outside the door.The band relocated to Athens, GA and gained a slim but sturdy following from playing the local clubs like Caledonia Lounge and the 40 Watt.

Mastermind Zeke Sayer recorded this album on his own and after 5 months of work on the debut, the Humms saw a live format once again thanks to Kentucky native Jessica Miller on Bass Guitar and West Coast drummer “Ziggy Zag” of the band PIPSQUEAK. What you hear on this debut record is fine tuned garage rock brilliance, songs about blood sucking vampires and freaky girls, death and daydreams. Yep, tune in and drop out.
Print Run: 500 black vinyl.

Mess Folk
This is Mess Folk.... And More! LP
MESS FOLK is from Sydney, Nova Scotia, in Canada. It was started by Philip Tarr in December 2008. This is a complation record featuring various recordings from 2008-2010. This is basicly the 12 Song „This is Mess Folk” Tape, released in 2009. It first came out with a couple of copies as self release, then SCOTCH TAPES did a batch of 100 copies. Three songs ended up an a 7" out on HOZAC records. This LP also has 10 new and unreleased songs. All songs have been mastered for this release by Justin Perkins.
Now as you know the story, start listining to these devastating cuts of delusional inner turmoil that sets in after months of cabin fever. What else can you expect, when growing up in a small industrial city which is known for pretty much one thing: being the second-largest toxic environmental disaster hot spot in Canada.

In Italy 10"

In July / August 2009 Brian, Brianna and Crystal took a trip to Italy. They played some shows, had a lot of fun and…. Recorded 7 songs at Outside Inside Studios with Matteo of the MOJOMATICS! Seven songs that fit so good together that they didn’t want to give them to two different releases, so we decided to put it out on a 10”. After the split 7” with THEE MAKEOUT PARTY and the 7” on Chocolate Covered Records this is the third release of this thee piece from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Powerpop brilliance with a lo-fi touch!
Print Run: 500 black vinyl.

Ain't that sad 7"

Long time ago, slightly drunk after the lunch break, and I wanted to chill a little bit and play EMERALD MINE on my Commodore 128D. I couldn’t find the right 5 ¼ inch floppy disk and it made me angry so I called Mindy via intercom. Well, she came in, also a bit tipsy, and sat on my desk, right where this white foldable device with the apple on it was standing, an apple that has been used already cause you can easily see that someone has bitten of a piece. Anyways, this thing began to send audio signals of superior quality, true in sound but I couldn’t get the lyrics. After very entertaining 2 hours I called the interns to find out what this is and I also gave them a recording contract and instructions on how to get this “artist”. Now, only 2 years later I finally have the lyrics! Printed with black ink on with paper, on the inlay of the PIPSQUEAK debut vinyl 7”! Man, that was a crazy day. 500 black vinyl.

Cave Weddings
Never Never Know 7"

So this is it, the last release of the CAVE WEDDINGS ever… sad thing, yeah, but I am glad that we managed to get them to release it on our imprint. These two songs are sugar coated but still not too sweet, they are kinda lo-fi-ish but in a good way, and like most BACHELOR releases it has the right amount of melody in it, like that magic abra cadabra formula that made 60ties pop songs into nationwide hit singles! The CAVE WEDDINGS were Eric, Erin and Nathan, these songs were recorded in the summer of 2009, mastered by Justin Perkins, Bass and Backing Vocals by Logan, Matt and Chris of the MIDWEST BEAT, Sleeve Art by Chris Capelle. Print Run: 400 black vinyl, 100 green vinyl (sold out)

The Powerchords
More Than Me 7"

It‘s hard to toss the term „Poppunk” nowadays, it has become a generic term for commercial-radio music that has guitars and drums. Poppunk isnt punk that was just polished to make it suiteable for everyone‘s ears. Poppunk is snotty and fast 77 styled songs mangled and put on a griddle, strewn with sugar and cut into pieces that have the exact songs structure of 60ties heroes like ZOMBIES and BEACH BOYS with a touch of UNTERTONES and BUZZCOCKS. These two songs here are the perfect example of how simple and catchy songs can sound, and how hard it must be to assemble all the pop hooks and harmonies. It‘s no surprise that we are proud to have them on our label! Print Run: 500 copies.

Myelin Sheaths
Stackticon 7"

Cassandra, Joel, Martine and Paul went to the lab and found the perfect formula on how to start an extraordinary band: ”None of us really knew how to play our instruments very well, but we shared similar tastes in music and were getting stoked about the same bands (the Urinals, the Cramps, the Gories, Mark Sultan, Cheap Time, Wax Museums, Nobunny, Wicked Awesomes, The Spits,) and decided that we could probably succeed in an experiment of having fun.” And out comes one of the most thrilling singles in 2009... a tightrope walk between noise and melody, weirdo punk and lyrics about scientific observations.... they have another 7" out on HOZAC soon.

Print Run: 500 copies. Recorded at Mammoth Cave Studios, Alberta, Canada. Artwork and layout by CMR

Dog Food 7"

Please don‘t ask. I dont know what a Barreracuda is. Maybe a typo? All I know is that this band called BARRERACUDAS is good, so good that you can smell success. These four lowlifes from Atlanta, Georgia, have a solid 7" out on Douchemaster Records already which sounds very Glam / Pub Rock-esque and because of that this band was flying under my radar. BUT the new songs go into the Powerpop / Punkrock direction and of course GENTLEMAN JESSE and EXPLODING HEARTS come to mind while listening / dancing to this but ssssshhhh.... I dont want to start the hype machine. Look out for a hit album in 2010, but meanwhile, buy one or two copies of this single here! (Not only because there is a naked poodle and a hooker on the backsleeve). Artwork and layout by Andy Burr (WOVEN BONES)

The Makeouts
In A Strange Land! LP

THE MAKEOUTS started long time ago as a RIP OFFS blueprint, short harsh guitar riffs, fast paced songs and snotty vocals. Their first demo blew me away, so I did a 7” with them (still available btw). THE MAKEOUTS became quite well known in their country, played with all famous garage punk bands that stopped by, and toured Europe with THE HEARTATTACKS (also from Sweden). The< got quite some reputation as fun live band and got invited to festivals like ROTTERDAM RUMBLE, PRICKLY PEA BOWLS (Sardinia) and the CHOKE FEST (Innsbruck, Austriah!). After years and years of practicing they finally learned how to play their instruments and got back with a unique mixture of punkrock and garage pop, they definitely learned their BACK FROM THE GRAVE and NUGGETS lessons and fired them up with some serious BLACK LIPS, JAY REATARD and KING KHAN & BBQ SHOW herbs.

The Terrordactyls
Self Titled LP

THE TERRORDACTYLS are quite well-rounded individuals. Michael's interests include fabricating truths on job applications, multiple choice questions and running away. Tyrel enjoys guns, organizing his itunes music library and being good at life. during the brief periods that Michael and Tyrel are away from the gym, they also enjoy watching inspirational sports films and talking about their abs. On their self-titled album, THE TERRORDACTYLS ' quirky, lighthearted yet decidedly melancholic pop/anti-folk tunes are augmented by toy pianos, kazoos, and the voice of Kimya Dawson (THE MOLDY PEACHES, JUNO). Despite all these charming trappings, though, nothing really serves to take the edge off THE TERRORDACTYLS ' gutsy interpretation of the sad sweetness (or sweet sadness) of living. This piece of black vinyl is housed in a deluxe gatefold sleeve, limited to 500 copies.

The Terrordactyls
Overlapping Circles 7"

This 7” actually does not contain only two songs, its four!!!!! On the A-Side you get the normal album versions, I dunno when the album is gonna be out so consider this as a teaser. On the flipside there are alternate versions of these two songs. Limited to 500 copies and surely a must have for the sophisticated connoisseur of lo-fi-ish kinda anti-folkish pop songs! Armed with a new Kazoo sponsorship by Kazoobie Kazoos, the band is currently on their first ever euro tour and putting the finishing touches on their second full length album.

Beat Beat
Self Titled LP

After the fantastic 7" on Spin the Bottle Records from Canada and another great 7” on Bachelor / Milk and Chocolate Records they started to play live frequently and even got small tours and a longer one overseas! After this USA and CANADA trek in 2009, BEAT BEAT finished recording the full length and gave the recordings to Matteo from the MOJOMATICS. He polished the songs a bit and after “only” one year of production time here is the final LP, a true Garage / Powerpop gem!
If you catch them live you will soon know why it took forever to get this album done… these guys like playing live and par-tee-ing a lot more than just record songs and do stoopid photo shoots for the artwork…

Gut Reactions
Bored 7"

Still sad because THE FEELERS quit? Well, here’s a serious contender, the GUT REACTIONS from Milwaukee, Wisconsin! This three songs will hit you like a derailed steam loco, so damaged and spectacular, straight but still out of control. Just like THE MISTREATERS. Watch out for more releases of this band later this year, but first, get yourself this firecracker of a 45! This makes you slash your teachers tire’s AND dance stupid at the same time!
Artwork done be X-Ray Vision.
Print Run: 500 copies, black vinyl.

Plexi 3
Tides of Change LP

Bachelor is concentrating on putting out vinyl singles by young bands which simply kick ass, no matter what style they play or what scene they could fit into. BUT: When I gave my boss a CDR with the PLEXI 3 demos, he flipped. After listening to it for three days straight he made a very expensive intercontinental phone call and persuaded the three plexis to ink a deal with his label, Bachelor, not for a simple 7", no sir, for their debut full lenght record! Only a couple of weeks later, 13 songs full of 60s girl group and mod/pop sounds flavoured with just the perfect pinch of garage punk attitude ! Now it is your turn as music expert and scenester to buy this gem! Print Run: 100 solid orange vinyl (SOLD OUT) 500 black vinyl. LAST COPIES!!!

The Yolks
Self Titled LP

The self-proclaimed “Kings of Awesome” from Chicago, Illinois, with their first full length! The awesomeness of this record is kinda hard to describe, it just sounds like a bunch of well written 60ties styled pop songs, stored in a vintage suitcase, left alone at the porch where sun and rain left some marks on it, before opened up again and accidentally sprinkled with honey. This surely tastes good! Believe me. Soulful rock n roll for sophisticated ass shaking! This is a split release of RANDY RECORDS and BACHELOR.

Print Run: 800 copies, 150 of on transparent blue vinyl (SOLD OUT), 650 black vinyl.

Real Numbers
Can't Find A Way 7"

This is the kind of garage punk that makes me glad that I am not completely deaf yet , but I will soon be because I cannot stop listening to these four songs without pumping up the volume just a little bit more after every song. This is the second single of this trio from Minneapolis, Minnesota, and its just not too trashy so you can easily play it when you are DJing at the local hipster hangout and leave the RIP OFFS, PROBLEMATICS, TEENGENERATE and RAYDIOS singles at home cause they have been recorded way to crappy anyways. REAL NUMBERS take the punk edges of before mentioned bands and drench it into a bittersweet juice. Recorded by Brian Hermosillo. Print run: 500 copies, black vinyl, handnumbered.

The Feelers
Nothing Always 7"

THE FEELERS are back with this great 7", spazzed out "Killed by Death" Punk, snotty vox & hectic songs, this came out for their 2007 Euro Tour with the CLOROX GIRLS. Right after the tour THE FEELERS disbanded but from time to time they are still playing shows.

First Pressing: 500 copies - SOLD OUT
Second pressing: 500 copies - red sleeve instead of the green one - still available for cheap!!!

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