Miss Chain & the Broken Heels
The Dawn LP

Two weeks of live recordings on tape to capture the joy of experimenting in a studio yielded a perfect blend of warm, thick and surrounding sound: it is a complex record that deploys a vast array of sounds, so deep that sometimes you find yourself drifting away with your eyes closed, totally immersed in a mixture of country, rhythm’n’blues, pop and Beatles-esque melodies, surrounded by dreamy landscapes, sometimes even bordering on psychedelia.

A1. The dawn is me
A2. Calcutta
A3. There's a ghost
A4. Don't look back
A5. Tell me why
B1. It's gone
B2. Little boy
B3. Quack
B4. Let us shine
B5. Lazy tide
B6. Rainbow

Limited to 500 copies, 180 grams black wax, with a printed inner sleeve.

Peach Kelli Pop Peach Kelli Pop
self titled LP

BACHELOR did the european pressing of the second album of PEACH KELLI POP! There was limited yellow colored wax available only from us directly, 100 copies, and 400 black vinyls.

Side A
1. Panchito Blues II
2. Dreamphone
3. Scorpio
4. Society of Enoch
5. Red Leather

Side B
1. Original Sin
2. True Blue
3. Julie Oulie
4. ABC
5. Tough Stuff

bikes Bikes
self titled LP
We only pressed 300 copies of this records cause you know, economy is still down and weed smokin' garage punk enthusiasts like you (yes, this is our target market) already spent way to much dough on overpriced imports from hipster labels. Well, seems we were wrong, distributions and wholesales bought tons of copies and the rest was snatched by people who got taste in good garage punk music. If you need an introduction to BIKES, click on the soundcloud link below. The band is from Berlin (kinda), the guys have been in various other bands before including DIE ERSTEN MENSCHEN (who also have a fantastic LP on BACHELOR), DEMONS CLAWS, HELL SHOVEL and CCCANDY.

A1. Yellow Car
A2. Muscles
A3. Dumpster (click to listen)
A4. One Day
A5. My Two Cents On Crime
B1. Huey's News
B2. Dead Fish
B3. The Cool People of West Berlin
B4. Coockoo
B5. Schweini Latin Lover

Younger Lovers
Rock Flawless LP
Fantastic second full lenght by Brontez Purnell's THE YOUNGER LOVERS project, recorded and mixed by Matthew Melton (BARE WIRES, SNAKEFLOWER 2,...). Brontez is not only the head of THE YOUNGER LOVERS, he writes the ”She‘s over it!” column for MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL zine and he‘s got his own dance ensemble „Brontez Dance Company”. Before he came to Oakland, CA he lived in Triana, Alabama and Chattanooga, Tennessee, where he released a zine called SCHLEPP, after moving to California he started a new zine called FAG SCHOOL, he played in guitar in the band PANTY RAID with Seth Bogart a.k.a. HUNX, both joined the band GRAVY TRAIN!!! and after they broke up and HUNX moved on Brontez started THE YOUNGER LOVERS. This release was limited to 350 copies.

Cucciolone Classico 7"
Another Team-up of RED LOUNGE and BACHELOR Records brings you the first proper solo release of BATMAN in true Schlager fashion. We still don‘t know how he talked us into this but he managed to persuade us to release a single without his sidekick Robin, lyrics sung in german language and a very expensive and originally signed autograph card. Actually we were quite surprised about the quality of these recordings. If he wouldn‘t be so ugly and Mark Ronson would be have produced it this would be a major hit record. But well, this way ist gonna be a rare gem in a couple of years.

Sugar Stems
The Sweet Sounds of the.... LP

Welcome to another joyride in the BACHELOR train from/to Milwaukee.... We are very proud to be part of this release, the debut full lenght of the SUGAR STEMS! One year ago the band sent me a six song demo CDR which made my boss drool. He immediately inked a deal with these kids and put out their debut 7" which got a lot of raving reviews. They went to the MYSTERY STUDIOS with Justin Perkins (again), who recorded another batch of great songs, most of which you can find on this full lenght release. These two guys and two gals churn out hit after hit, think of THE SHIVVERS with proper production or female fronted RASPBERRIES with a kick!!! I am talking about wholesome powerpop fun, pressed on beautiful black vinyl, housed in a cardboard sleeve designed by Chris Tayler / X-Ray Vision - this package is like a chewing gum that never loses ist flavour! 500 black vinyl.

Indian Wars
If You Want Me 7"

Indian Wars is a 4-piece garage rock group from Vancouver, BC. The band is made up of two brothers (John and Dave) and their long time friends (Fraser and Brad). They started playing tunes three years ago in Dave and John's Grandma's garage with their grandma occasionally accompanying on various instruments (sitar, frog, tamborine). Indian Wars' sound is influenced by garage bands such as DEMON'S CLAWS, THE BLACK LIPS, and the JACUZZI BOYS as well as the classic sounds of THE BAND, THE SEEDS, and the ROLLING STONES. This first release contains four songs for your listening pleasure.

Print Run: 500 copies, black vinyl, housed in a full color cardboard sleeve, with b/w insert.
Recorded by Drew from DEAD GHOSTS, Mastered by KNTSN, Artwork by John Malta.

Sugar Stems
Beat Beat Beat

When our secretary Mindy Hecht says that she is “wetting her panties” when hearing this new 7”, she is lying of course, cause she aint wearing any panties, never. Well of course it’s a HIT SINGLE but why does she refuse to write an info for this platter???? I dunno. She says she cannot write about a 45 that “blows her mind” so now I end up doing it although I really have better things to do than writing press infos for my label, like getting another strawberry deluxe milkshake (vodka AND sugar) or watching T.V. If you don’t buy this you will miss not one but TWO exhibitions of sugar coated garagepop awesomeness, the two girls in the band are cute and the boys, well, they are boys. Print Run: 500 copies, black vinyl, handnumbered with insert.

Batman & Robin
My Hero Power is my Moustache 7"

FINALLY IT’S DONE! Part three in the BATMAN & ROBIN trilogy is out now! And with this final part, the dynamic drunken duo recorded their (up to date) best songs. My boss spent the incredible amount of 20 Euros to send them into a “studio” to let them record four amazing songs, four hoopin’ and hollerin’ anthems, four footstompin’ soon-to-be classic tunes! Of course this kid MICHAEL “HACKI” HACKER was forced to do the artwork again, this time he even did a big two sided full cover poster as well, including the secret diaries of Batman and Robin…. He unravels the dirtiest secrets of your beloved superheros! This one is limited to 500 copies and – as all other BATMAN & ROBIN 7”es before – will not be repressed at any time. So take your chance and order this cray-zee package! Print Run: 500 copies, black vinyl, with poster and insert.

Dead Ghosts / Smith Westerns
split 7"

With this new release, a split vinyl record with DEAD GHOSTS from Vancouver, Canada and THE SMITH WESTERNS from Chicago, Illinois, this story of BACHELOR success will continue. Both bands are frightening good. So good that it well may be that they may soon be playing in front of more than 4 peeps... They both took what they found on the long track of garage music, mixed in a lot of noise and distortion and formed a slop/pop gem that you cannot stop listening to. Fantastic sleeve art by CMRUIZ, plus, this vinyl is housed in a cardboard cover and comes with an inlay. FANCYYYY HUH??? Print Run: 500 copies, black vinyl with insert.

Marvelous Darlings
Sleeping Like A Dead Man 7"

Ben Cook (FUCKED UP, CRIMINALLY INSANE, and YOUNG GOVERNER) is a pretty good songwriter! Just listen to the other MARVELOUS DARLINGS releases on Deranged Records or Wall Ride Records. This kid has more genius in his skinny body than you in your whole body. Except maybe you are the guy who wrote all the EXPLODING HEARTS songs… or maybe not even then. Here are two new songs that are NOT going to be on the full length that should be out at the end of summer 09, the first song is a uptempo powerpop anthem, the flipside contains a itsy bit campfire-esque rocker. Get this!
Print Run: 500 copies, black vinyl.

Good Kisser 7"

HUNX is Seth from San Francisco's unique GRAVY TRAIN!!! and he is co-owner of the fabulous vintage clothing shop / hair salon DOWN BY LULUS, together with Tina “Boom Boom” Luchesi (TRASHWOMEN, TOP TEN, et cetera et cetera) with this HUNX AND HIS PUNX thing he turns into a pop machine, spewing out one great fingersnappin garage pop tune after another, simple but catchy, just how a pop song should be! PS: NO BUNNY wrote Good Kisser and Coomers of the band HARLEM wrote Cruisin. Photography by Alex Penney, Cover concept(s) by Hunx & Alex Penney, Artwork by Hunx.
Print Run: 500 copies, black vinyl with a big sticker.

The Pharmacy / Japanther
spit 7"

This red hot slab of wax was recorded in the desert whilst on a shared U.S. tour. JAPANTHER (Brooklyn, NY) let loose a trashy version of their anti love/anti war number "Not At War." A song that captures the duos true Ramonesy/Germish brat-pop style to a T. THE PHARMACY (Seattle, WA) fire back with "What Are You Doing With Your Life" an upbeat epic complete with piano hooks and breakdowns. Some where between Nirvana and Otis Redding these three smiling friends kick out good poppy punk anthems with a tinge of soul.

Sneaky Pinks
Loner with a Boner 7"

No need to put out two songs from a 2006 Cassingle on vinyl? YEAH WHAT DO YOU KNOW?! “This two-song cassingle was sold on tour by these musical visionaries. The first song pays homage to the godfather of punk, Black Randy. A more fitting tribute could not be paid as it is actually a great song. ..Loner With a Boner.. The Punkles, I was told, was the band..s stab at making a children..s cartoon for television, and the second song here, ..We..re the Punkles.. is the theme song. Like any good jingle, the song is a little annoying and way catchy.(DH, Terminal Boredom.com).
Print Run: 500 copies

Batman & Robin
I'm a bat, I'm a Rock and Roll animal 7"

OK, now, who would have guessed that this strange and sordid duo would land a hit record? Their debut 7" was well acclaimed by both, critics and music loving folks, so here it is... their second platter! With an exquisite mixture of garage punk and comedy, BATMAN & ROBIN are charming their way into the hearts and homes of everyone. Song titles like "I feel pretty good when smashing other people" or "Gotham City Blues" should lead into a buying decision. If not, you're a loser. Each single comes with an mini zine called "Gotham Gazette" plus a free cut out Batman Schnauz! (thats a moustache you goof.)

Print run: 500 copies, black vinyl.
Includes a printed 4 page inlay.

A1 I'm a Bat, I'm a rockandroll animal
A2 Gotham City Blues
B1 I feel pretty good while smashing other people!
B2 Run Joker Run!

Boys Club
2-D World 7"

They may look a bit geeky but isn’t that just perfect for a lo-fi garage rock / powerpop band??? Right on! This trio from Minneapolis delivers three songs full of lo-fi imperfection and heartaches. Recorded by Brian Hermosillo (THE FEVERS, SKIPPER, THE RETARDOS,...).

Print Run: 500 copies, handnumbered.
Tracklist: A1 Nothing Better to do - A2 So Kinetic - B1 2-D World

Rock And Roll Adventure Kids
Boobies 7"

San Francisco Guardian voted them for best new punk band in 2007, but what do they know.... this is not a punk band. Its rocanrol (TM)!!!!! The two wolf brothers went to a real studio to record two wild and relentless firecrackers that will make you bounce like a rubber ball. According to the cover artwork, 18 or older only on this title please. Fake IDs will be accepted of course.

First pressing: 500 copies, black vinyl, handnumbered - sold out.
Second pressing: 500 copies, red vinyl, handnumbered - sold out.

The Yolks
Wanderin' 7"

The self titled “Kings of Awesome” from Chicago, Illinois, with their second 7”, three songs, including one instrumental. Garage Pop / Soul at it’s best. Now dance stupid! Dont miss this one, their self released debut was sold out in about a month without any help from distros et cetera.

Print Run: 500 copies, black vinyl, handnumbered.

Beat Beat
Without You 7"

Screen printed sleeve and four demented and harsh garage punk hits from some low-lifes in southern austriah! This is how the lack of sex and massive abuse of drugs(stolen from various hospital trashcans) can lead into a masterpiece of primitive dance music. Co-release with Milk & Chocolate Records.

First pressing: 333 copies, black vinyl, second pressing: 170 copies.

Pre-Party 7"

Three song lo-fi pop excellence, crummy recording and fun fun fun. SNEAKY PINKS go away, here’s Magnus (from the HEARTATTACKS) and Lina, and a drum computer. Fine Darin Maccaroni (or what was that Radio X Rekurds guy’s name) sound aestethics mixed with swedish girl/boy vocal skills.

First pressing: 300 copies, 150 black / 150 red sleeves, black vinyl. Second pressing: 300 copies, red vinyl.

Batman & Robin
Who the fuck is Superman?!

Batman & Robin singing about themselves. What a mess.
Great cover artwork by Hacker. Print Run: 300 copies with insert, handnumbered.
A1 Who the fuck is Superman?!
A2 Whatever, I hate Rockandroll
B1 Batmobile
B2 Be Scared

The Mugwumps
Banana Brain LP

Perfect and to the point. PopPunk with a sharp garage switchblade, rough vocals PLUS a container full of earworms. Housed in a thick cardboard sleeve PLUS a minizine as booklet!

Print Run:
200 white vinyl and 300 black vinyl.

The Elektras
Nous sommes les Elektras

Great trashy garage punkrock trio consisting of one retardo pounding the skins and two beau-ti-ful girls on bass and guitar that make you go rrrrrrrr and uuuuuuuhhh.... I saw full grown men fell in love instantly. Rip off cover "artwork" with interesting color combination. Har. Hey, its on red transparent vinyl!

Print Run: 500 copies, red transparent vinyl, handnumbered with insert.

The Suspicions
First Love 7"

I'm very pround to have this one on Bachelor... THE SUSPICIONS from Seattle are a revelation to everyone who's into powerpop/punkrock, just listen to their debut full lenght out on Rip Off Records! Don't expect overproduced and slick songs here, nope, it's been recorded in charming lo-fi! Yay! They just played the Radio Heartbeat Powerpop Fest in NYC. Be quick, it's a gem!

Print Run: 500 copies black vinyl with insert, handnumbered.

The Staggers
Live at the Lovelite 7"

Now here's the real slim shady haha... this band crawled out of some cave in austriah and made quite some buzz in the last two years, their live shows all over europe turned millions of nice kids into drug takin' garage freaks. After their great full lenght on Soundflat Records, here are four songs recorded live at the Lovelite in Berlin. File under: W-I-L-D-!

Print Run: 800 copies, 300 red vinyl and 500 black vinyl, handnumbered with insert.

Clorox Girls
Double Mao 7"

This is a special single from them CLOROX GIRLS, recorded in Buenos Aires, where the grass is green and the girls are pretty haha, they deliver three tracks inluding a cover version of THE SIMPLETONES' hit "I like Drugs". The other two songs are "Total Babe" and uff course "Double Mao", a song that makes you go uh uh uh ah ah ah instantly. Really! I swear!!!! DOUBLE MAO!!!! Uh.

First pressing of 500 black vinyl, second pressing of 500 red vinyl, handnumbered with insert, slightly different artwork.

Rock And Roll Adventure Kids
Hot Dog

Two great songs recorded by John Dwyer / COACHWHIPS. Oh my god this is OUTSTANDING. Two songs of the broooos out of Oakland, CA, mixing up rocknroll (uff course) and Country and Cajun and I dunno. Its a sen-sa-shun. It makes you go whooohooooooo!!!!

Print Run: 500 copies black vinyl.

Thee Garagekid and his Orchestra
Gits a rekkid! 7"

A one man band thing... dont say NAH! GARAGEKID is not one of those wannabe blues trash boredoms, this is Headcoats styled punkrock, distorted, tanked up and torrid songs to dance nakkid to! Comes with original BUDGET ROCK (TM) sleeves, handmade (!!!). This is a co-release with Squoodge Records.

Print Run: 333 copies, two different sleeves.

The Makeouts
Worst Band Ever 7"

In fact this is a misprint, if you look at the cover, its clear that it should be "Worst Looking Band Ever". Three Swedes, masterful engineering, authenic Budget Rock(TM) instruments and cheap liquor result in a distictively new interpretation of the RIP OFFS meet TEENGENERATE sound. One of the four tracks is written by Mark Sultan.

Print Run: 500 copies, black vinyl, handnumbered.

Black Lips
Hippys 7"

Re-press of the hit single on Varmint Records, originally released in 2005, sold out in about 5 minutes. Or whus it 10? King Khan plays on "Born to be a man", and he recorded this crap-o-la in his Moon Studios. The original sleeve has a red flower, this repress has a yellow one and is (like the first pressing) handnumbered.
Print Run: 500 copies black vinyl.
A1. Hippys
B1. Born To Be A Man

Clorox Girls
Novacaine 7"

Three songs from Portland's most chakachaka band, one sung in german language. If you listen carefully, you can even understand a wurd or two.

A1. Novacaine
B1. Nicht Meine Stadt
B2. Trashy Daydream
First pressing of 500 black vinyl, second pressing of 500 red vinyl, both handnumbered with insert.

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